Bring It On - Let's Get This Study Going!

Through the power of positive thinking it's possible to say the following:  

"Finally the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the future is looking bright."

That kind of positivity was reflected in the faces of the students as they made their way back to school this morning, a little bit older, a little bit wiser (hopefully), and a little bit excited about the years ahead.

​Happy To Smile and Happy To Learn

Thinking about all those positive things then, it is worth looking at the return to school today as a great thing;  after all, it's a chance to meet with old friends, have the experience of moving into a new classroom, getting (perhaps) a new home room teacher, and getting a first glimpse of all the new and - as yet - untested teachers.  

The Students Get To Grips With Their New Classmates and Teachers.

Students and Homeroom Teachers Went Over Their Schedules and Rules For Learning.

In that spirit of positivitity and new beginnings, Meishu celebrated the start of the academic year in good fashion this morning. As per usual, there was an opening ceremony which at turns was both enthralling and exciting, thereafter followed by Home Room periods for all the students to familiarize themselves with their new, older situations.

During the opening ceremony, speeches were given and promises made by teachers both familiar and until now, unknown. The Principal spoke about the need to value youth and the spirit of learning with an adventurous heart whilst also asking the students to never cease showing consideration to their classmates. For all the 2nd and 3rd Grade students in attendance this morning, it was powerful stuff.

Speech and New Staff Presentations were made by Principal Nakahara.

Speeches calling for good standards of discipline, education, and awareness of the responsibilities of students during their time in Meishu were also made this morning by Mr. Tsukuba and Mr. Kurihara, respectively. Both speeches had a serious message but were delivered in a friendly manner much appreciated by the students.

Mr. K speaks about educational awareness and responsibility.

Mr. T speaks about consideration towards others and self-advancement.

Of course, no gathering is not without the need for a little bit of encouragement to listen.

​Mr. S walks the line, thus ensuring the audience remains alert.

And of course, in the end, there was the thrill of getting to meet the new teachers. For the new teachers of course, it was a thrill of a different nature - maybe less a thrill than a "baptism of fire". Baptism of Fire means going through a new and very challenging experience, but ultimately coming out of it in good shape. That's pretty much what they experienced this morning as they were all brought onto stage and individually introduced to the student body before making their greetings and moving to their new work environs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce.....

Just for the record, the new teachers and the subjects they will be teaching are as follows:

Mr. Sugita - Japanese
Mr. Masaki - Japanese
Mr. Morita - Math
Mr. Takahashi - Math
Mr. Aruga - English
Ms. Arai - Science

And with that, this is the end of a rather long post.

Let's all work hard to have a wonderful year, but let's not work so hard that we neglect to rest enough.

GOOD LUCK FOR 2017-2018!!  

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A Time To Say Goodbye; A Time To Think of The Future

All good things come to an end, or so the saying goes. Another is that absence makes the heart grow fonder. With these two phrases in mind, it's worth wondering how the students feel about today, and how they might feel in a few weeks time when they return to school.

As it was the end of the academic year, there's no doubt many were thinking of holidays and a break from the books. Here's hoping that they all have a good holiday but that they come back to school a with a greater desire to study, learn, and behave a little more adult-like than in the past. After all, technically, they will all be one more year closer to being adults once the new year starts.

NEvertheless, today was a day to mark the end of the year for the students and as such, the end of year school-closing ceremoney was held. After the speeches, awards, and advice from teachers, it was time to say another set of goodbyes - this time not to friends but to staff who are moving on to different pastures having given their time and lives to Meishu for the past number of years. They got flowers, applause, and well-deserved respect for all their efforts to help the students become future members of Japanese and global society. Below are some photos of the day which provide a small insight into the ceremony and the emotions that ran through the event. There are no titles as the photos all speak for themselves this time around.

Goodbye for now and good luck for the future.

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Lesson in Decision Making

Lesson in Decision Making & Fun at the Ballot Box.

​The Privilege of The Vote.

It's been quite a week so far for the second year students here in Meishu. As they move closer to becoming the third grade students, and elder statesmen and women of the student population, they were given lessons in civic duties that will be expected of them in years to come as well as the opportunity to learn about all of the options that will be available to them once the graduate from secondary education here.

Yes, that was a long sentence. In simple terms, the students learned about a) Voting and b) Third-Level education options.

On Tuesday, the students gathered for the third and fourth periods to learn about their citizens right to vote in elections once they are 18. First, a number of the younger teachers gave mini-lectures on the value of the vote before civil servants from the local government gave a detailed seminar on voting values, patterns, and purposes.

Mr. Takei in an inspirational "Ibaraki Rocks" Speech.

Mr. Chiraarashi gave an impressive and fun-filled presentation.
It is to be hoped that the students grasped the importance and privilege which there is in having a vote.

In the second major event of the week, the students all took a trip this morning to the local civic centre where there were free to attend mini seminars about what different universities, specialist schools and companies have to offer them if they choose to attend those institutions after finishing school.

Crossing The Bridge To a More Informed Future.

​Crossing The Road To Enlightenment.

For many, it was a chance to enjoy a stroll with friends in the bright spring sun but for all it was a chance to think seriously about what role they want to play in Japanese society in the future; and all under the roof of the ever impressive Hitachi Civic Centre.

​Second Grade Students Prepare to Be Inspired in The Civic Centre.

A second hope is that the students learned something at this event about themselves, and that it helps them to focus their attentions in the coming academic year so that they can achieve their dreams. The micro-seminars were designed to give students maximum opportunity to learn more about things they may want to do in the future.

In our university, you can learn about.....

If this interests you....

A popular course is.....
Up until now, most students have held - at least partially - the view that the only work to be done in school is by teachers. Maybe after today, they will all appreciate that school is a place of work and achievement for all the people in it - both teachers and students.

Learning About The Work Environment.

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